#28…challenge complete!

I’ve done it, 28 days of writing throughout February (well actually it was 27 as I did take a day off!) – and I’ve enjoyed it immensely but will not be continuing with a daily blog, instead I will return to a weekly blog but with other posts interspersed as and when needed.

So, what have I learnt?  I’ve been more reflective about things I’ve read and ways I teach.  By spending a quiet half an hour at the end of the day, usually after putting the kids to bed and deciding what to write about I have had time to contemplate my day and my philosophies about this career choice.  Some blog posts have been read by many different people, some by just one or two but I wasn’t writing it for anyone else really (although it is nice to think someone else out there is reading my ramblings!).

I have noticed myself teaching too – I say the word “So” an awful lot during lessons and I pace about the room whilst I deliver content, happy with my clicker in my hand.  I don’t need systems such as Swivl or  Iris to record my lesson for me to review – this process has made me think about it just as much as when I have used them previously.  I know which classes I need to be extra prepared for and which don’t really like being “taught”  or to discuss, but prefer to work more independently with guided instructions.  I have thought about what matters to me in my pedagogy and then tried to focus more on these during this month in my planning.

I have made comparisons between the primary sector and secondary sector a lot this month, partly by thinking about my own children’s education and also by the examples I have seen in other schools, in particular with reference to the new Successful Futures curriculum and the broader areas of learning and thematic approaches.  I am excited to have been accepted onto the EdD programme from next October and will be looking into the new curriculum more as part of that, particular linking to the Digital Competency Framework that is a big part of my role at present.

The blog has also made me realise how much I have settled into my school since September, I feel like I have been there for much longer than 6 months and am confident in my own abilities to move the department forward and to share my ideas with others about whole school developments.  I have an even clearer view of where I want to be heading in my career now from simply reflecting more often and valuing this blog as part of my own wellbeing.  The writing of a journal is often recommended for general wellbeing and for mental health, this blog has enabled me to do that in my own way.

So, (there is again, I’m even writing it now!), in the words of the best POTUS ever (President Bartlett of The West Wing in case you were unsure), “What’s Next?” Not a continuing daily blog, but a continuing daily period of reflection at the very least and back to weekend blogs minimum but also blogs when there is something to be noted down – something I have read or seen or done.  There are plans for a KidsMeet, a WomenEdWales event, more work with the EAS, developments with my fab digital leaders, new technologies & ICT suites, transition projects using the Micro:Bit, continued progress with the DCF and of course continuing to teach ICT and Computer Science to pupils to the best of my ability every day – except tomorrow as its a snow day!

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